City of Crescent City 2

Introduction and Conceptual Description

The Community Planning Technical Assistance grant was an agreement between the City of Crescent City and the Center for Hydro-generated Urbanism (CHU) at the University of Florida to help the City of Crescent City find creative solutions for fostering a vibrant and healthy community, while protecting the functions of important State resources and facilities.

Scope of Work

  • Identify areas within the CRA with critical needs for water and sewer infrastructure upgrades and expansion; and update projects and goals of the CRA Plan to identify the priority locations and potential financial mechanisms to complete the water and sewer infrastructure improvements.
  • Identify area(s) within the CRA that are best suited for marina development, and update the projects and goals of the CRA Plan to identify these areas and potential financing mechanisms, including the potential for public/private partnerships, to complete the marina projects and objectives.
  • Identify public assets that may be suitable for developing historic-based tourism opportunities and improved connections between the water and the business district; and update projects and goals of the CRA plan to identify these areas, the plan for achieving historic-based tourism opportunities and improved connections between the water and the business district, and potential financing mechanisms to achieve these opportunities and improved connections.
  • Develop a design concept for Central Avenue that addresses parking, utility infrastructure, storm-water, aesthetics including signage, lighting, pedestrian access, vegetation for shade, pervious surfaces and street landscaping, and access to Crescent Lake and Lake Stella. The redesign will link the existing Lake Stella boat ramp and a linear park that includes a multi-use trail and a bird watching pavilion.
  • Consider planning and design for a pedestrian connection between the Marina Park, historical amenities and Central Avenue business area (remnants of the Grantee’s former jail and the water wheel at Sunrise Park).
  • Include specific objectives and guidelines for developing the CRA’s 2.2-acre property known as the “Miller Property”, including identifying target uses and public/private partnerships to facilitate the development.

This first report aims at obtaining feedback from the City regarding the common understanding of the spirit of the proposal. The objectives being revitalization with the focus on the historic and touristic potential of the City of Crescent City.

The main components for this stage are:

  • The restructuring of Central Ave. with consideration of pedestrian traffic and parking strategies. The Avenue should be able to host seasonal commercial events, rain water management, security and shading will be considered.
  • The connection through adequate and sensitive paving of the Central Ave. and the fishing piers sites, as well as the proposed Marina Park. These enhanced pedestrian connection will reach the Eva Lyon Park and Stella Lake trail.
  • A proposal for the Fishing Pier will incorporate the inclusion of Portable restrooms for the public within a added commercial venue for the users.
  • The proposal will study the landscape development of the Marina Park designing a trail that links the historical artifacts and the waterfront imaging new observations Look Out and Fishing/Pavilion, that can become a destination.
  • The Miller property building guidelines will feature the possibility of a three level traditional Hotel and restaurant or event space with a commercial gallery.
  • The proposal indicates the expansion of the existing CRA to incorporate potential conditions to allow future development.


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