City of Crescent City I

Experiential Learning Partnership

A group of four Senior Students, at the School of Architecture, University of Florida, under the guidance of professors Martha Kohen and Martin Gold, developed in the Spring Semester 2012, an Independent Study for Visioning alternatives to enhance the Identity and Development possibilities for the Downtown area of the City of Crescent City, Putnam County, in the State of Florida.

It has been a privilege to have the opportunity to develop a Service Learning Experience, allowing our students to work with real Florida issues and interact with Local Authorities, members of the CRA, Community Redevelopment Agency, and the Community at large.

The study has built on the findings of the Crescent City Workshop held on June 3-4, 2011, that identified ed the main ideas for the city, enhancing the “Sense of Place”, acknowledging Art as a Catalytic Draw, recognizing Architecture and Heritage as important assets, and engaging Aquatic Activities on Crescent Lake and Stella Lake.

We hope , as a State University, to have contributed creatively to the development of appropriate visioning options. We would like to recognize our students for their engagement, creativity and inspiring results. We also would like to warmly thank the City of Crescent City, represented by the City Manager Patrick Kennedy, for the possibility of this fruitful exchange that for us represents an opportunity of irreplaceable experiential learning.

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