Clay County Fairgrounds

The Project focuses on community and sustainable planning by incorporating new technologies and sustainable design. Every aspect of the proposal takes into consideration studies of new materials and digitally driven production for a unique structure and spatial resolutions. Emphasizing on the use of bio mimicry, as the study of natural systems to solve human problems and bio philic, the Urban Forest enhances the human senses to experience nature through sounds, touch, sight, smell, and hearing. By doing so, the infrastructure of Manhattan and its relationship with ecology is rethought, re configuring the city into a space that incorporates reciprocal systems of natural spaces and existing built city, creating a hybrid city that combines enjoyment and function.
Through Porous Architecture, individuals can roam freely through reshaped urban space around the site designed to engage with public life and incorporates meandering sequence of building elements, public parks, promenades and pavilions.

Main South Entrance
North Entrance and Retrofitted Exhibit Hall
Proposed New Banquet Hall
Open Air Auditorium
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