Dr. Helen Baca Miller
Government & Urban Affairs Consultant UF/CHU
TANDO (Think And Do) Tank Global Fellow, https://tando.org
Founder, public charity Project HOPE Inc.
Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin

Helen Baca Miller serves as CHU’s Government & Urban Affairs Consultant, networking communities and regional organizations whose planning needs match the expertise available through the Center for Hydro-generated Urbanism.  She was elected the first woman mayor of the historic Town of White Springs, Florida in 2010.  As mayor, Dr. Miller advanced water priorities by serving as vice chair of Florida Leaders Organized for Water (FLOW) and as member and chair of the Utilities, Natural Resources and Public Works legislative policy committee of the Florida League of Cities.  Prior experience includes work with private companies and public agencies: St. Edward’s University, ExxonUSA, EPRCo, Texas Economic Development Commission, Texas Engineering Experiment Station, National Center for Manufacturing Sciences and the Society for Manufacturing Engineers.  She was a founding director of the Texas Innovation Information Network System and the Texas Technology Transfer Association, and served on the board of the Technology Transfer Society.  Dr. Miller received her BBA, MBA and PhD degrees from The University of Texas at Austin.

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