iNTA 2017

6th International Network of Tropical Architecture Conference 2017

“Tropical Storms as a Setting for Adaptive Development and Architecture”

Over the next several decades, economic expansion and urbanization will continue along our worlds’ coasts. Coastal populations and billions of dollars of assets are at risk from intensifying and more frequent storms. Changing coastlines due to sea level rise will impact settlement patterns around the globe. The 6th iNTA2017 conference “Tropical Storms as a Setting for Adaptive Development and Architecture” provided a platform for research projects pertaining to tropical and subtropical regions that address the most pressing social and environmental problems associated with an increasingly dense world facing climate variability, sea level rise and flooding risks in a moment when these issues are understood as critical in cities across the world. The conference organizers solicited participants working on these issues in the areas of architecture, construction, planning, historic preservation, land use and policy, engineering, real estate and environmental law, social and economic policy. iNTA2017 seeks participants whose research, implementation activities and proposals explore new opportunities for reinventing current economic and development paradigms in response to the extraordinary circumstance that tropical and subtropical regions worldwide are confronting due to storm hazards.

Public agencies, researchers and professionals from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Kenya, Italy, India, Indonesia, United States, as well as from Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, attended the conference.

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