St. Augustine

An Aquatic Perspective

Saint Augustine offered an array of waterline treatments, from commemorative and historical, to industrial, and even residential. Each of these facets of the water’s edge offered a variety of opportunities for the projects displayed in this studio compilation.

Already rising levels have been measured, and with the increase in carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses melting the polar ice caps, the sea levels are predicted to rise up to 3 feet in the next 100 years. This poses significant problems to low lying areas and coastal cities such as St. Augustine.

In fact, a 3 foot sea level rise would flood almost all of the significant historic district, and a significant amount of the new city. The proposals are strategies to re-make new portions of the new city, while saving it from the flooding issues. Also included is a sea wall strategy to save the existing historic portion of the city. This sea wall would be included bordering the new section of St. Augustine to protect it from the rising water. Amelia island will not be included in the seawall project and will be left to anchor to by boat, and will be held as an excavation site, mostly for researchers, but including a small portion for tourist activities, providing a major economic draw for the city.

The new delimitation of the city would include resources for Eco-friendly transport including a more walk able mixed-use feel, bicycle lanes and areas for new modes of transportation, such as train and bus terminals.

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