New York| Miami | Gainesville | Rome 2016

Sea Level Rise and the Future of Coastal Settlements
Evolving Concepts in Urban and Cultural Adaptation to Changing Environments

Co-hosted by the Consortium for Hydro-Generated Urbanism (CHU) and the
UNESCO Chair of Urban Culture and Quality

UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Urban  Dipartimento di Architettura e Progetto
Quality and Urban Culture, notably  Sapienza Università di Romain Africa, Sapienza University of Rome
Chair-holder: Prof. Lucio Barbera

Consortium for Hydro-Generated Urbanism
University of Florida, School of Architecture
Directors: Profs. Martha Kohen & Nancy Clark



The UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Urban Quality and Urban Culture (UNESCO Chair) with the Consortium for Hydro-generated Urbanism (CHU) University of Florida are co-organizing a two week international workshop examining specific problems of sea level rise and its related effects on urban structures (financial centers, tourist settlements, leisure centers) and infrastructures (water management, mobility, energy generation) as exemplified in the Miami-Dade region and applicable world-wide. This environment offers the conditions that enable us to explore the full spectrum of problems that can be found within other coastal or lagoon regions in the world that face similar threats, regardless of differences in urban density. Therefore the expected outcomes of the workshop will be useful to better define and visualize general strategies of:

  • Adaptation of the existing settlement and productive systems.
  • Protection and defense of historical places and natural singularities. Substitution of urban, functional and residential typologies.
  • Retreat and environmental migration to safer territories and urban locations.
  • Scholars, students and professions from around the globe will be introduced to these pressing issues by traveling to New York City and to Miami and will subsequently gather at the University of Florida to participate in a 5-day interdisciplinary workshop intended to generate integrated proposals for urban resiliency (March 7th-11th).

Agenda in Detail:

• 28 Feb – Sunday (NYC): Morning – arrival in NYC / Afternoon – free visit to the town
• 29 Feb – Monday (NYC): Morning – Center for Architecture/ Afternoon – Van Alen Institute: Coastal Protection Projects. Mississippi Delta; discussion.
• 1 Mar – Tuesday (NYC): Morning – Rebuild by Design and the Institute for Public Knowledge NYU/ Afternoon -East Side Coastal Resilience Project
• 2 Mar – Wednesday (NYC): Morning – NYC’s landmarks free visit / Afternoon – departure and arrival at Miami
• 3 Mar – Thursday (Miami): Morning – 306 Pérez Art Museum by Herzog& De Meuron / Afternoon – Symposium at Miami Center of Architecture and Design.
• 4 Mar – Friday (Miami): Morning/ Afternoon – Visit to project’s sites and urban typologies for possible design proposals; discussion
• 5 Mar – Saturday (Miami): Morning/Afternoon – free visit to the city, bay and beach; possible continuation of sites analysis
• 6 Mar – Sunday (on the road): Morning – Departure to Gainesville by bus Afternoon – Arrival at Gainesville
• 7 Mar – Monday (Gainesville): 9:00-18:00 – design Workshop / 18:00 – conference (on Jakarta: Dean Christopher Silver)
• 8 Mar – Tuesday (Gainesville): 9:00 – 18:00 – design Workshop / 18:00 – conference (Prof. Monestiroli / Prof. Menegatti))
• 9 Mar – Wednesday (Gainesville): 9:00 – 18:00 – design Workshop / 18:00 – conference (Jerry Murphy “Indonesia”)
• 10 Mar –Thursday (Gainesville): 9:00 – 18:00 – design Workshop / 18:00 – conference (Prof. Monestiroli / Prof Menegatti)
• 11 Mar – Friday (Gainesville): 9:00 – 18:00 – design Workshop
• 12 Mar – Saturday – (Gainesville): Morning – final presentation and discussion of the Workshop results. Afternoon/Evening – Departure

For info regarding the Organization: Prof. Anna Del Monaco (anna.delmonaco@uniroma1.it). The registration fee: 100 USD; the registration form can be requested to the University Of Florida School Of Architecture to Naznin Akther (naznin@ufl.edu). The Workshop Program includes: 3 nights in NY – 28, 29 Feb, 1 March; 4 nights in Miami – 2, 3, 4, 5 March; 6 nights in Gainesville – 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 March.

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