White Springs II

Design Proposals

School of Architecture’s Undergraduate Design 5 class with Professor Martha Kohen as Instructor was asked to create programs for 2 sites.

The first one occupied a 7 acre site on which projects were presented as conceptual proposals. The programs must focus on meeting the needs of the community while also addressing the issue of the context being the Carver neighborhood.

Another point of focus was the dismissed school buildings whose reuse was up to the discretion of the students as long as it was acknowledged and addressed. The proposals are diverse with many communal issues being proposed in multiple ways. Some overlap between themselves while others are independent and even create an opportunity for revenue and touristic attraction. This exercise was completed as a preliminary exploration to the Town of White Spring’s possibilities. The Economic development graduate class from the Urban and Regional Planning Master Program with instructor Abhinav Alakshendra conducted an economic evaluation of the proposals.

The second projects was to design an Eco Lodge for the site. The first investigation resulted in a world survey Eco Lodge precedents from where the class constructed programmatic ideas. Each student then developed a land use master plan and strategic ideas followed by programmatic choices and architectural proposals. The students had the option to choose what aspect of the Eco lodge they would focus on. The project focused on creating a sustainable lodge experience that would be unique to White Springs. The needs of the community were to be considered as well as extensive park and outdoor space and facilities. The projects are divided between Cabins, Lodges, Restaurants and Recreation.

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